Social Media Use In Ireland

Social media statistic

According to Datareportal Ireland has 4.45 million internet users in 2019 which equates to 92% of the population.They also suggest that 66% of The population are active on social media.

Social Media is alive and well with healthy levels of account ownership and daily usage across all platforms “(Suzanne Shaw) Facebook is still the most used social media with 62% , though to our generation it seems to be gone to the gutter! Surprisingly Instagram is not far behind with 41% but is the fastest growth rate above any of the other social media networks .

Tik toc is the newest arrival on the statistical chart in 2019 for social media. Even though it has a low percentage of ownership with 2%, accounts are active daily unlike some older apps. Lets see how long that will last ! ( Twomey, 2019)

The social media platforms that are most popular in Ireland are detailed on the chart

Why people use Social media

Whiting Williams (2012, p. 362) writing about social media use suggest that “the ten uses and gratification are social interaction , information seeking ,pass time , entertainment ,relaxation, communicatory utility , convenience, expression of opinion information sharing and surveillance.

Most People interact with each other and the public on various different channels such as online networks, blogs ,microblogs, video sharing and social bookmarking. One of the main reasons social media is used in and organisation is for the engagement they get to have with their customer, the relationship they get to build and to manage brand communications ( Panagiotopoulos et al., 2016)

Yeah there is a lot of positives for business but there is also negatives for individuals who use social media! Some people have a love hate relationship with it and believe it takes away from living in the moment. This video is multiple people talking about how they use social media from the ages 0-100. It seems to vary from age to age and gender to gender but they all have different views on social media .

Tribal Behavior

Social Media users often engage in the tribal behavior such as sharing information and social bonding . The screenshots below illustrate such behavior.

Cork Safety Alerts is a group on Facebook which informs you on anything that is going on in and around cork from car crashes to missing people! They help to get the word out to local people around the area and advise people what to avoid such as floods and a build up of traffic .

In the above picture you can see people interacting with the post and each other to make sure everyone is safe from road accidents. this is and example of tribal behavior.

This Book club on Facebook allows you to go on and read recommendations from other members of the group on books they have found interesting . You can also upload your book recommendation to others and then discus the book after a read to see others opinions.

In the above photo you can see people commenting back to post about the book after they have read it , This is another example of tribal behavior,


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